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Technical & Engineering

  • technical documentation

  • specifications & manuals

  • tenders

  • machinery

Law & Economy

  • contract & certifications

  • international agreements

  • deeds & testimonies

  • financial documentation

  • balance sheets

  • certified translations

Advertising & Marketing

  • product catalogues

  • press texts

  • image brochures

  • creative & media copy

Arts & Sciences

  • press releases & catalogues

  • website & media copy

  • products & services


  • Simultaneous and consecutive translation offerings

  • On-site and remote

  • Industry experts for conferences, meetings and press receptions


Guaranteed quality & transparency


  • Country-specific pricing system

  • Free estimates

  • Proof-reading and revising of already translated texts can be undertaken on a time basis

  • Pricing is dependent on language combinations, subject matter and degree of difficulty of the translation 

  • Minimum flat rate charge for small jobs 


  • Your jobs are pre-estimated per standard line of 55 keystrokes, per word of the target language or in the form of a global fee

  • Prices for interpreting and simultaneous translation services on request


  • Second reading of the specialist translation by a second translator included

  • Know before you commission us what a job is likely to cost, without unexpected extras

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